Support Services and Items

The business model of MAX Realty Solutions is designed to deliver professional representation and consulting at economical pricing. There are however, some services that everyone may or may not need and you can find them here as our Add-Ons. Pay for what you need and nothing more.

Customer Testimonials

"As first time homeowners, we never imagined we'd be able to own a detached home on our budget, we assumed we were destined to live in a condo. Luckily, with the help of  Lucyn at MAX Realty Solutions, Inc. and determination, we are thrilled to own our own HOUSE! This never would have happened without her negotiation skills, quick responsiveness and cost effective consultation pricing. Our dreams are coming true and it didn't cost us a fortune. We continue to refer everyone we know to MAX Realty Solutions, Inc."

Mr. & Mrs Haut